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Ann S. Pellegrino, Esq. is dedicated to providing legal representation to people requiring help in matters of Foreclosure Defense, Plaintiff Civil Litigation and General Practice. As a Florida foreclosure defense law office. Attorney Pellegrino and her staff are committed to providing our clients with professional representation through meritorious legal strategies. Each client, each family, and each case is different. Attorney Pellegrino’s main goal is to help each client confront and successfully resolve those legal issues with which they are faced, and to assist them in dealing with the often stressful, emotional, and demanding nature of their case. Florida foreclosure Attorney Pellegrino represents both Florida residents and non-resident clients who have Florida property under the threat of foreclosure litigation in Circuit Courts throughout the State of Florida. All cases for which Attorney Pellegrino is retained are handled personally by her and her staff. Know your rights as a consumer. Get the Legal Representation You Need Today from our foreclosure attorneys! It's time to take action and put our extensive legal experience between you and the foreclosure process. If you are looking for foreclosure defense law assistance or other legal services, please feel free to contact us today for a free

confidential consultation. Important initial foreclosure defense information to include in your inquiry for us to better assist you is: 

  • Name of your lender and/or the name of your server
  • Date served with the Summons and Foreclosure Compliant
  • Date of home purchase and date of mortgage default
  • The full address of the property 
  • The outstanding principle balance on the mortgage 
  • Your hopeful goals with regard to the threatened property 
  • Your phone number(s) and email address(s), as well as the best time of the day to contact you.

All information we receive from you is strictly confidential and is only used by our law office, unless you authorize release of information for third party assistance, such as Loan Modification Services or Short Sales. Please note that for our  Foreclosure Defense clients our office may offer negotiation services such as Loan Modification and Short Sale efforts. If Attorney Pellegrino is representing you in the Foreclosure Litigation phase of foreclosure, you may discuss the negotiated alternatives of Loan Modification and Short Sale, These services, however, are separate from the Foreclosure Litigation services provided by our firm. During our initial consultation, we can explain this more fully.

If you prefer, you may contact us by phone at 727-363-8711. We will expeditiously respond to all phone calls made prior to 5:00 PM EST. All calls received after 5:00 PM will be returned the next business day. Alternatively, you may also inquire by email at aladyjustice@yahoo.com. 

Attorney Pellegrino defends Foreclosure cases throughout Florida; our law office has locations in Largo and St. Petersburg, Florida. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. However, Attorney Pellegrino may return some calls after 5:00 PM EST.